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Study association i.d is one of Delft’s largest study associations and has a innovative image — partly because of its connection to Industrial Design Engineering. Sadly, in 2016, the website did not really fit with this image, both visually and technically.

Screenshot of the previous website

Screenshot of the previous website.

Because of this, Nils and I built a new website, with a front page focussed on upcoming events and our social media channels; the content most visitors (the i.d-Members) are interested in. Emil Flach en Alexander Weiss helped us with this.

Two small, basic sketches of wireframes.

Sketches for the education page.

Two small, basic sketches of wireframes.

Sketches for the about page.

Wireframe executed in greys.

The wireframe for the education page.

Nine, slightly different visual styles for a form.

Visual design explorations for forms.

Thirteen different styles for events, mostly with a blueish green shade.

Visual design explorations for events as shown on other pages.

Three different ways of showing our four social media channels.

Visual design explorations for the latest social media posts as shown on the front page.

We also integrated the members’ administration, so members can edit their contact information themselves, for example. And integration with Facebook allows the board to easily publish events on the website, which have already been created on Facebook.

All code is on GitHub.

Login page on a small screen Page with committee overview Education page Smoelenboek without search results